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Origin Story

Wolf Den

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Hidden deep…

in the mountains of Yavapai County is a private off-grid resort for those that are at times bearish, other times bullish, but always #wolfish.

Bulls are burdened with an abundance of optimism while bears are often crippled by fear and doubt. Both blinded by dogmatism and “all or nothing” thinking.

Wolves understand the risk that comes with the tricks the mind plays on itself, and through community, perspective and understanding themselves, they navigate the uncertainty with one purpose: not to be “right” or prove others “wrong,”  but to get the job done and live their best lives regardless of market conditions.

The Wolf Den is a congregation of like-minded people that value access, proximity, perspective, and opportunity – both digital and IRL. Pack members can get together and rest in the Den, get together and work in the Den, get together and play in the Den, or get together and full-on degen in the Den.

It’s up you. If you have a Wolf Pup NFT, the Den is your playground and fellow Wolf Pup holders are your pack.

The Origin

The Wolf Den is the result of multiple worlds colliding: the “real,” tangible world of purpose-driven humans waking up and having a positive impact on the world, the emergence of blockchain as a disruptive technology, and the forward thinking, borderline flippant culture of premium NFT projects.

A handful of “real world” founders moonlighting as degenerate “shitcoiners” (or maybe the other way around?) realized there was great potential in the amalgamation of these worlds and set out to answer one question:

Given our skillsets and unique dispositions, how can we contribute to closing the gap between the people contributing to the world offline, on Web2, and on Web3?

The answer lies at the intersection of education and implementation. We need to not only help educate people as to how this whole blockchain world works so that they can invest, but also help blockchain projects discover unique and nonlinear profit centers to avoid becoming glorified ponzi schemes and to help the movers and shakers – the purpose-driven business owners, venture capilalists, and even funds – “launch” on blockchain to take advantage of the new technology ONLY where it was clearly superior to other options.

So we got to work, building the initial iteration of the Wolf Den on BNB Chain. Why did we call it the Wolf Den? Simple. Our founder loves wolves because of their complexity, intelligence, playfulness, and devotion to the pack (family). Plus, they are cute AF. He has two of them at home, Jasper and Tundra.

Fortunately, we’ve had incredible growth and support from “outsiders” since then. Unfortunately, housing the entire ecosystem on BNB Chain has become a bottleneck/limit to significant growth and impact.

We could come up with a few good explanations as to why we launched on BNB Chain, but the reality is that we did not know then what we know now. When new information presents itself, we adjust course to follow the most efficient path forward.

Which leads us to now, the great migration:

Migration of

the Wolves

First, it’s important to acknowledge that the NFT culture was not top of mind when we built the original Wolf Den. But, we have watched with admiration companies like Yuga Labs forge forward ever since launching their BAYC collection. This has laid the foundation/groundwork not only for brand building primarily through NFTs, but also for strategy, partnerships and scale.

Wolf Pups are NOT derivatives of Bored Apes and we will NOT be adopting Apecoin as our currency, but it is important to give credit where it is due. Much of our initial “club” modeling is inspired by concepts learned watching BAYC navigate the space.

The next step in the Wolf Den journey was the Wolf Pup migration to the Ethereum blockchain. This migration immediately opens up high-level partnerships, collaborations, and opportunities for the Wolf Den AND for Wolf Pup holders.

The mint opened on Tuesday, August 30th, and the mint price is 0.1 ETH. There will only ever be 5,000 provably unique Wolf Pups, each doubling as a VIP pass to club membership, access and proximity to the movers and shakers in this space, as well as early access to front row seats for future developments.

And then what?

We are aware of stuff today that we were not aware of yesterday and we will be aware of stuff tomorrow that we are not aware of today. Since new information is always revealing itself, we are very careful not to be dogmatic about plans moving forward.

Here is what we do know:

The Wolf Pup collection migrating to Ethereum is step 1 of phase 1 in a multi-phase process.

You will notice the location in some of the videos we post, the art inside of the Wolf Den, and the games/contests for Wolf Den members all have similar themes and aesthetics with some Easter eggs/hints.

These all represent the future plans for the Wolf Den, Wolf Pup holders, and partners. Our style is what we call “let them watch.”

We are not going to sell or convince you to join on promises.

But as new events, opportunities, and projects become available, we will showcase them. The best way to get a handle on the roadmap is to pay close attention. No rush to make decisions, just watch.

GUARD Foundation

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Guardian ($GUARD) is a BNB Chain, Polygon, and Arbitrum governance and utility token used within the GUARD Ecosystem to empower and incentivize decentralized community building at the forefront of and bringing immense value to Web3.

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Wolf Den

Hidden deep in the mountains of Yavapai County is a private off-grid resort for those that are at times bearish, other times bullish, but always #wolfish.

The Wolf Den: a club with members-only benefits and exclusive events only accessible to Wolf Pup holders.

Click “Wolf Den Labs” below to snag one of 5,000 unique Wolf Pup NFTs and secure your VIP Pass to the Den!

The Guardian Academy

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Live to Learn, Give to Earn.

Wealth is not just about having money, it’s about having a fulfilling and meaningful life. What is fulfilling and meaningful is different for everyone, but the core concepts remain the same: remove suffering from yourself first and then remove suffering from others. The Guardian Academy was built to educate on leadership of self and others. Learning about Web3 is a byproduct of participating in TGA.

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